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It is always preferable to donate your pre-loved good condition things to friends or charities instead of letting them end up in land fill! So here is my list of places to donate your stuff to in Australia.

Salvos will take good useable items that you would be happy to give to a friend to wear or use. Here is the list of things they don’t accept. They will also come and pick up your things if you cannot make it to a store or if you have big items such as furniture.

Vinnies just like the Salvos will take most of your good useable items. Most of their stores cannot accept electrical items and they too will pick up big items if you cannot deliver.

Men’s Shed’s will often take tools, wood and metal that you have excess of.

Fitted for Work is a fantastic organisation that helps women experiencing disadvatage to find work and keep it. If you have ladies work clothes that you no longer like or fit you but are still in excellent condition (ie, you would still wear them for an interview), then please consider donating them to Fitted for Work. They have offices in Parramatta, NSW and Melbourne.

The Beauty Bank is another fantastic organisation that provides women, men and young people in need with the little luxuries in life that most of us take for granted. They take donations of lotions and potions such as shampoo, conditioner, body washes, razors, candles, handbags anything that would help someone feel a little special about themselves when in a position of need or distress.

Personal Eyes will take your old reading glasses and give them to people in the Third world who needs them! How awesome is that, thanks Karen Barber for the tip!

Mobile Musters would love your old mobiles, along with their battery and chargers. Here is a helpful image of what they do with our mobile products after we’ve upgraded to the lastest and greatest phone!

Green Collect is an excellent social enterprise for Melbourne based businesses. They have a tailored program that provides a ‘one stop shop’ for hard to recycle office items. Green Collect picks up directly from your workplace & ensures the best environmental outcome for a wide range of office waste.

Footpath Libraries give away free books to homeless people living on the street via their mobile services, and through libraries they have installed and stock in hostels, refuges and community organisations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. There are restrictions on the genres of books they will take out of respect of their customers so make sure you check before you donate!

Frock Swop is a great place to give away and get new evening wear! The idea is that you put one of your gorgeous dresses (that you no longer need) on a ‘hanger’ and then you get to choose one for yourself! Check it out!

Uplift Bras is an excellent charity to whom you can donate your old bras to, particularly maternity and mastectomy bras. They also accept swimwear, new underwear and cloth nappies (Vic only). Uplift then send these onto Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Bali, New Zealand, Kashmir and Australia to women who otherwise do not have access to well fitting bras! Such a great idea!

St Kilda Mums is a great organisation based in Melbourne that help out families in need of baby/kids stuff. The link will take you to the items that they will accept and those they don’t so please check.

Rescue Resources is an organisation that help animal rescue organisations in NSW. They gratefully accept any pet-related items being given away, and put them into the hands of NSW rescue organisations.

Give and Take is a local Hills District organisation that are often requesting items and food. They do amazing work with women escaping domestic violence and families under financial hardship. Like their FB page to keep up to date on what they need.

Achieve Australia is an organisation that has provided services and support with integrity, commitment and passion since 1952 for people with a disability to achieve a life that is meaningful and valued. They run Unique Social Enterprises at 112 Bowden Street, Meadowbank that accept donations of needlecraft and fabric supplies.

Give Now is another wonderful website that provides you with links to amazing charities that will take your unwanted items. They have categories for clothes, blankets, furniture, electrical, corks, stamps, mobiles, bikes, books, boots, cars, hair and medical supplies for all over Australia! So awesome!

Recycling Near You is a super helpful website run by Planet Ark and links you too the services provided by your local council for recycling and waste services as well as local drop-off options for items including computers, batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and many more.

Garage Sale Trail is a great community initiative to hold garage sales on the one big day. Of course you can have a garage sale any old weekend but why not join in with thousands of household across the country 🙂

Kids Giving Back is not somewhere you can donate things to but a place you can get your kids to be involved with! Having kids myself I think this is an awesome organisation to highlight here and if you’re in Sydney, sign up for their newsletters or like them on facebook and encourage your kids to be a part of the next generation of generosity!

If you know of any fantastic charities or organisation that will accept items that I haven’t already listed, please let me know and I will happily link to them here!

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