Training you in the Art of Order so your house Feels Like Home

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Moving & Downsizing Services

It can be overwhelming to move homes. I can take some of the stress out of moving by coming along side you to help you decide what needs to move with you and what doesn’t.


Decluttering & Organising Service

We come and help you take back control of your home by sorting through your clutter and dealing with it!

Time Management Services

I can help you to survey how you use your time and find ways to use it more effectively and efficiently to get things done.

The Art of Order

Training in the Art of Order looks like the following;

  • hand-on assistance in transforming your home; guidance, encouragement and motivation throughout the decluttering and organising process; 
  • training in establishing routines, systems and processes to maintain order over the long term; 
  •  training in organisation principles and skills so that you can continue to transform your home;
  •  follow up contact to see how you are travelling in your newly transformed home and life.

The Decluttering Process


Dreams and Goals for this space

You describe to me what your dreams for the space are.


We sort all items into 3 piles
1. Donate – I take these away with me and donate to relevant charities on your behalf
2. Bin – You put these in the bin, or take to the local council
3. Keep – These are the items you can’t live without and they will be put back into this space or moved to their new space in your home


Space Maximising

Next we ensure that we have all the furniture/storage that you need in this space and we lay it out in the best fashion to maximise the space and ensure best functionality of the space.

Organisation & Curating.

The items you are keeping in this space are reorganised and curated. Effective systems and processes are implemented to ensure your newly claimed space can be maintained so your house will always Feel Like Home. 

Kitchen Declutter & Organisation

The kitchen and pantry is the space in our homes that we use the most and we use it several times a day. For this reason, it’s important for it to be organised in the most efficient and functional way. I love working with clients to empty the pantry of all products that are past their use by date or are not being used and then restocking it demonstrating just how much space has been reclaimed. I equally love decluttering and reorganising kitchens to maximise efficiency in the day to day tasks of nourishing our bodies. I am here to help you make your house Feel Like Home.

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Home Office & Paperwork

Whether you work from home or are managing a busy family, we can all feel like we are drowning in paperwork and clutter. I can come and help you get control back of your home office and the paperwork by implementing some simple techniques to help maintain the sense of order. I am here to help you make your house Feel Like Home.

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Wardrobe Review

Clothes hold such emotional and financial ties to us but also take up so much space in our homes. Together we will reclaim the space for clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. I can also help make space in children’s rooms for the right amount of clothing for their growing bodies. I am here to help you make your house Feel Like Home.

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Children's Toys & Play Room

Children’s toys and craft can be overwhelming to declutter and bring into order! I help by bringing a focussed, methodical and objective eye to all the toys. I can also suggest the best way to organise and store children’s toys and craft. Having two growing children myself I can completely sympathise with this overwhelming task. I am here to help you make your house Feel Like Home.

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Linen Cupboard

Linen cupboards and other storage cupboards are often places that we just shove things in and try to forget about until we have to find something in there. I help you to discern what you do need to store and what can be passed on to other homes. I will also help you to reorganise the space to make it functional as well as attractive (yes, even Linen cupboards can become attractive 🙂 ). I am here to help your house Feel Like Home.

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Garage & Sheds

Would you like to be able to park your car in the garage or find that tool that you know is in there somewhere? I help by working with you to declutter the garage/shed and then reorganising it in such a way that makes this space functional and practical. Hopefully you will be able to park that car in there by the end of our time together. I can help you make your house Feel Like Home.

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Spare Room

Does your spare room look like this? Would you prefer it to look like something out of a magazine? Together we can achieve that! I will come in and help you work through all the clutter in that space and find appropriate homes for everything, either elsewhere in your home, in the bin, or to be delivered to someone else’s home (via a charity).

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Virtual Training

I offer Virtual Training to clients who live remotely, interstate, overseas or for some other reason are not able to invite me into their physical home. I can help inspire, motivate and encourage you to turn your spaces into your ideal spaces, clutter free and ordered. I am here to help you make your house Feel Like Home.

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Moving and Downsizing Services

Have you ever moved house and had boxes left unpacked for months or even years?

Have you ever thought about the cost of packing and moving boxes of stuff that you don’t need?

Are you downsizing and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of condensing all those treasured items of stuff into a smaller house?

Are you feeling overwhelmed dealing with a deceased estate?

Are you separating or getting a divorce and need an impartial third party to come in and help you?

Are you selling your home but desperately need to reduce the clutter in your home so that buyers can truly see your home for all it’s worth?

Let me help by working with you to declutter your home first and foremost, so that you save yourself money and time in the packing and removing of unnecessary items and then the guilt of having boxes left unopened yet again! I also help you to minimise the clutter to increase your home’s potential of sale.  I can help you to make your old and new house Feel Like Home.

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Time Management

Do you often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with anything? Do you feel like you never have time to get to the housework or spend time with those you love? I can help you by analysing how you currently spend your time and find creative ways in which to find the time to do the things you need and want to do. I can help you make your house and time Feel Like Home.

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