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THANK YOU Kirsty for today, literally, my stress levels have plummeted which I definitely needed being a couple of weeks away from bub no.2’s arrival! I couldn’t have tackled it without your help, and thank you for asking all the right questions to help us declutter. So much space now! Arthur’s big boy room is just a bed away, it’s sooo exciting 🙂

Stephanie Pinto

Archery Games, Archery Games

Thanks Kirsty for helping me get organised in my kitchen. It has been stressing me out for ages. Now it works so well and amazingly is easier to keep tidy. Kirsty was awesome and I highly recommend her. She was supportive, non judgemental and so very very helpful. If you need a space organised in your house but the thought of it overwhelms you, get Kirsty in. You will love the results.

Alison Valenti - Kellyville

It was lovely to declutter my home ready for sale with Kirsty. She wouldn’t let me avoid nameless piles of paper and I love the results. My kitchen is so much easier to clean and maintain. Thanks Kirsty.

Rebecca Addario

Finally did the Tupperware drawer 😂 I’ll catch up eventually 😉
On a side note, I’ve loved having a donation box permanently set up, makes it so easy to donate stuff and I’m finding I’m donating a lot more! Items that would have once stayed in the house because I didn’t want to make a trip for just one item are now going straight in the box and I’m filling it almost twice a week! Helps being on holidays though 😜


Member of Feels Like Home 28 Day Declutter Challenge Winter 2017 on Facebook

Love all your tips and ideas for keeping my home organised and clutter free! Always done in a non-judgemental way too, your de-clutter challenge was the bomb! For the first time you made me enjoy clearing out my house and keeping it organised 🙂



I recently welcomed Kirsty into my home to help with some specific areas I wanted reorganised. Kirsty had some fantastic suggestions to change the way I was currently doing things, but most impressive was she was able to put those ideas into practice and help create new areas for me, that specifically met my brief. Kirsty was sensitive to my needs and non judgemental to my clutter :-). She has been very kind and happy to answer some further questions I’ve had. The best part is, that weeks on, the new areas and processes she helped me to develop are still in place, working and clutter free!! 

Cherry F - Glenhaven

Kirsty has worked with me on several rooms in my house. My paperwork was overflowing and had no system, children’s toys were out of control, my children’s clothes needed sorting to be stored away or donated. I was very nervous at a ‘stranger’ coming into my house and going through my personal things and seeing the way I lived but it is such a relief to see results and have things in order and systems in place. I always wanted to have things organised but it got too much for me and I didn’t know where to stat. With Kirsty’s help, we managed to chip away at it room by room. Thanks for all your help Kirsty! 

Jinda - Kellyville

I really enjoyed my time with Feels Like Home Professional Organisers! I love my newly organised kitchen and pantry space. The experience was fun and stress free. I have successfully maintained in now for many months too! I have used the decluttering skills learned from Kirsty in many areas of my home since I sought her help. I highly recommend this service.

Carmen - Kellyville

Working with Kirsty has honestly changed my life. I’ve struggled for years to get my house sorted out and in just 2 visits I feel like I’ve finally started to achieve what I always failed to do myself. Her approach is fair but firm and she is very understanding. It’s been challenging but it’s also been a lot of fun too. I look forward to working with Kirsty more over the coming months. 

Megan - Kellyville

I had the wonderful experience with Kirsty this whole week … She helped me concur my deepest demons and made me realise that it was possible to achieve goals… I am thankful for the wonderful tips and tricks you showed me to organise things and also to make me feel light and relaxed …. Love you having in my house and would definitely recommend her and will hire her in future too … Thanks again wonderful lady❤️❤️


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It can be overwhelming to move homes. I can take some of the stress out of moving by coming along side you to help you decide what needs to move with you and what doesn’t.

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We come and help you take back control of your home by sorting through your clutter and dealing with it!

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