A Quick, Innovative & Simple way to store your Kids precious artwork - Feels Like Home Professional Organisers


Is your home being taken over and swamped by all of the artwork your kids are bringing home from playgroup, daycare, preschool and school, particularly at this time of year? Do you feel guilty about throwing out the “precious” artwork stealthily in the dead of night? Or do you keep it all and are now feeling overwhelmed with the sheer mass of craft?

This time of year is crazy busy, so I’ve come up with a quick, innovative and simple way to collate and store your kids’ artwork. The idea isn’t new, it’s part of Professional Organisers arsenal when asked by clients what they should do with their kids’ artwork, but what is innovative is how to go about this!

So here is my latest idea and when I told a client yesterday, she jumped out of her skin in excitement, so I thought I better share it with all of you too! It is to create photo books (the normal suggestion given by PO’s) of your kids’ artwork using Chatbooks (the innovative part)!

So if you haven’t heard of Chatbooks; let me be the first to tell you! It is an awesome app that takes 30 seconds to set up and from then on the magic happens. Chatbooks will take your Instagram or Facebook photostream (or you can upload them from your phone), and turn every 60 photos into its own photo book, AND even sent it to you – all for around $10AUD per book (that’s a miserly 2-3 cups of coffee). It will ‘automatically include the details you want – but with zero decisions to make about pesky things like formatting’ – how amazing is that? I’m loving this app (can you tell?) and loving the video on their page that so accurately depicts us, crazy-busy mums, check it out even if you don’t like my idea, it’ll give you a laugh!

So this is what I will be doing and what my solution to your crazy overwhelming artwork problem is:
1. Take a photo of either EVERY artwork that comes into your home or a photo of only the BEST artwork that is created by your precious ones.
2. Upload it to Instagram (I’m going to create a Private Instagram account for my kids artwork), putting a great description of what that squiggle means 🙂
3. Link this Instagram feed to my Chatbooks app and BOOM, every 60 photos I will be asked by Chatbooks if I want the album sent to me, I get on the app, say YES please and a few weeks later it arrives and then I only have to store them!

If you’d like to sign up to Chatbooks, then they are offering your first book free if you use this link. (For full disclosure, I do get credits towards my own account if you do sign up, as will you if you get people to sign up when you start raving about it :-))

So what do you think? What are you currently doing with your kids’ artwork? Have you got another awesome solution to save those precious memories, minus the hassle that, you would like to share with our community?