Clutter is not like Art, it doesn't increase in value the longer you own it! - Feels Like Home Professional Organisers

Have you ever looked at something in your home that is no longer in use and thought to yourself “I should get rid of that” and then quickly had the next thought “I can’t though, because I spent really good money on it!”.


If you have, you are not alone. This is a very common thought among the people I work with each and every week.  


It’s important though to remember that clutter is not like a piece of art – it is not going to increase in value the longer you have it. In fact, I would argue that it actually costs you a whole lot more money, time and energy to hold on to things that no longer serve you or your home. It costs you to keep storing items, to maintain them, to fix them and costs you time trying to move things around to find what you need.


So I would encourage you to get your Elsa on and “Let it Go!!”


Let go of items in your home that are no longer in use so that you free up money, time and energy to be enjoying this glorious life even more. I am a huge fan of our environment and keeping things out of landfill if I can help it, so I would encourage you to ask your friends or family if they would like them, or donate them to an organisation who can use them (just remember if it truly is broken or useless, then it should be thrown out not given to others to do the same).


I know you’ve spent good money on your things, so if giving away your things still makes you want to hang on to them, then you can always resell your things to recoup some of your purchase price. eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are all places where you can resell your items. Give yourself a deadline to have it moved on from your home, for instance, if you haven’t listed or sold this item in two weeks, you can take it to a charity. Often I work with people who have a stash of items that they are one-day-hoping-to-getting-around-to-finally-finding-the-time to list things for resale, but very rarely do. So if you have good intentions, but not the time or energy, acknowledge this and take the item straight to your local op-shop.


Recently I asked to give my advice on A Current Affair (see below photos) as to what people could do with their clothing clutter and I gave a few suggestions. The Old New is a boutique recycled fashion store that will take your designer brand clothes that you no longer wear and give you a store credit towards your next purchase. H & M offer a service where you can drop your bag of unwanted clothing (any brand or condition) in the recycling box at your local store and you’ll receive a voucher towards your next purchase. Australian Red Cross & Country Road have teamed up to offer a $10 CR voucher to customers who donate their pre-loved Country Road items to participating Red Cross shops. Although you aren’t making money when you donate items to these great stores, you are helping the war on waste and getting a small return on your investment.


Looking around your home and seeing clutter can also be motivation to be more intentional and thoughtful about what purchases you do make in the future. Ask yourself these questions next time you see a bargain:


– Do you need it?

– Do you know where you are going to store it in your home?

– Could you use something you already have for the same purpose?


And if you do choose to purchase something new, remember to quickly get rid of what you were replacing, by either reselling the old item or donating it to a friend or charity organisation.


Remember if you need help in decluttering your home, I would be honoured to help you!